About us

Perigraphy® is both a marketplace and a social network dedicated to art with the aim of supporting the artists of tomorrow in their ascent to success.

Through our platform, we want to strengthen the links and interaction between artists and their communities. Thanks to our online market, new artists will be able to sell their productions in digital format in a simple, secure and free way.

To embark on the Perigraphy® adventure is to participate in a project that aims to promote art and talent locally and internationally.

We, Perigraphy®, want to bring together artists and art lovers on one social network. Are you ready to redefine the codes of art?

How it works ?

The Perigraphy® platform allows you to showcase your talent to the world. But how does it really work?

1. How to start?

Your adventure begins with the creation of your account on Perigraphy.com. First, when you log in, we will search the web for your information and assess your popularity rating. From this, you will be assigned a status.

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2. What are the articles of association?

The statuses indicate your popularity rating on the platform. There are different statuses which are assigned depending on the popularity rating of the artist. Your status defines the price at which you can sell your works. Better status allows you to sell your works at a better price.

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3. What is popularity?

Popularity is what allows us to rank artists on the platform. To do this, we assess its popularity within the community, its activity on the platform and its sales.

On Perigraphy®, it is your popularity that defines the value of your productions.

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How to gain popularity?

It's very easy, you just need to use Perigraphy®.

We evaluate :
● Your popularity on our network
● Your own activity: generation of content, interactions with the community.
● Your value on Perigraphy®

Depending on these variables, a number of points will be awarded to you in order to define your ranking and your status.

Interact with the community

How does the ranking work?

The ranking is used to highlight the popularity of artists on Perigraphy®. This is divided into categories and is updated monthly. However, be aware that popularity is linked to your interaction with the platform and the community, it is neither acquired nor ongoing. Your monthly ranking is based on your points acquired over the last two months.

Your status is reassessed every month and is defined by your activity and popularity over the past two months.

Only part of the ranking is visible. If you want to increase your Perigraphy experience, become a premium member.

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In order to optimize the experience of our members, Perigraphy® offers various subscription options:



We offer many features to all our users in order to take full advantage of our platform. These features are:

- Unlimited buying and selling of your artwork.
- Full use of the social network.
- Participate in the social contribution.

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Passeport d’Art

$3.99 / mo

Package intended for artists and enthusiasts who wish to make full use of Perigraphy's features, access exclusive content, boost your sales.

- Highlight 3 of your works in the recommended section.
- Access the private catalog*
- Access to the entire ranking
- Receive exclusive content

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PeriBoost (single use) allows you to either optimize your experience and activity on an ad hoc basis, or to prevent your status and popularity from the vagaries.

Choose one of the following features:
- Highlight 5 additional works in the “recommended” section this month.
- Freeze your popularity points from the previous month

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*Popularity points are accumulated monthly and the accumulation of these points over two months defines your ranking. If you have to reduce or even stop your activity, use a boost to keep your points from the previous month.

For more information on pricing please contact us at the following email address: advertisings@perigraphy.com

Our social projects

Perigraphy®'s mission is to promote access to and the development of art throughout the world. For this, we donate part of our profits to partner associations but also to new projects.

With Perigraphy®, it is you who choose, through our social networks, the associations or projects that we finance.